Airport Terminal Guide

Here are the meeting instructions to find your Fly BVI captain at the major hubs we serve:

Tortola - Beef Island (EIS)

The Fly BVI counter and Reservations Office are located in the main terminal of the Terrance B. Lettsome International Airport. You will find us at the left end of the airline check-in desks. Look for our signs. Our office staff will be waiting for you there. They will receive your luggage, ensure Departure and Airport Development Taxes are collected and paid, then escort you through Airport Security to the Departure Gate.

Note on Departure & Airport Development Taxes:

1) Departure Tax at Beef Island Airport is currently $20 per person, with only a $5 fee for children aged 5 and under.
2) Airport Development Fees are $20 per person of any age ($10 inbound + $10 outbound) only at Beef Island. These fees are charged by the BVI Government and BVI Airport Authority and are not part of the charter expense. Please retain the receipts given you, as they will be required to pass through airport security for outbound flights.

Virgin Gorda (VIJ) & Anegada (NGD)

Both these airports have very small terminal. You will easily spot your Fly BVI pilot in uniform as you enter the door. Departure Taxes there are only $15 per person. Children under the age of 5 is free.

San Juan International

If you purchased the VIP Handling option, our ground staff and pilots will greet you at the jetway at your arrival into San Juan. We will collect the luggage tags from you and claim your luggage for you at the carousel. In the meantime, we will escort you straight to our departure gate. This will preclude you from having to go through security again.

If not, your Fly BVI Captain will meet you at the Rome International desk, adjacent to the Fly BVI counter in Concourse Terminal "B". Port Authority rules do not allow the pilot to handle your luggage inside the terminal, but a baggage porter can easily conduct you to the counter. Once there, we will guide you and your luggage through TSA security and ensure it is all loaded aboard your airplane before departure.

Note for Passengers Departing San Juan to the USA mainland: Passengers departing San Juan for the United States are required to have checked luggage inspected at one of the USDA checkpoints before proceeding to the airline counter for check-in. USDA checkpoints are located along the curbside wall of both terminal sections and outside the American Airlines terminal.

St. Thomas (STT)

Your Fly BVI Captain will greet you as you enter the airport terminal through the only arrival gate.

Passing the Cruzan Rum welcome stand, look ahead; your pilot will be holding a Fly BVI sign displaying your family name.

If you miss your pilot in the crowd, proceed into the luggage claim area, collect your baggage from the carrousel, watch for your pilot.

He will be looking for you. Our pilots are all dressed in uniform.

We will escort you to the waiting aircraft through the Commuter Arrivals Lounge.


Antigua (ANU)

Port Services, our handling agent at V.C. Bird International Airport, will greet you after you have cleared Immigration and Customs.

Look for their personnel holding a sign displaying your name.

The handling agents will collect your luggage to be loaded onto your Fly BVI aircraft, escort you through Emigration and Security, then drive you to your aircraft.

Your Fly BVI Captain will be waiting for you plane-side.




St. Maarten (SXM)

After collecting your luggage, proceed through the Customs area. As you exit from Customs, turn left and follow the passageway into the Main Terminal.

Your Fly BVI Captain will greet you at the Transit Tax Window in the Main Terminal, located along the north wall, beyond the food court and adjacent to the ATM machines. Each passenger must pay a $10 Transit Tax.

Retain your receipt in order to exit through security. Your pilot and our handling agent, Menzies, will drive you to the aircraft, along with your luggage.